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Personalized concierge and consulting services for working moms, working dads and everyone in-between
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Merry Yen

About Merry

Merry started Be Merry in early 2020. Then, the pandemic hit. With so many working parents (mom, especially) struggling, she realized that moms need help more than ever. 


She has a passion for supporting working parents who do not have built-in support structures locally (such as grandparents or other relatives) and wants to support working parents succeed in their roles in balancing the demands of working full time while navigating the challenges with raising young children in Silicon Valley.


Merry is the mom to 2 boys: 8 and 4.  


Merry worked at Google for 18 years, with the bulk of her career as a successful Executive Assistant. She is excited to bring the same executive organizational skills to support working moms.


Whether it's meal planning, figuring out a fun date night; or maybe you need some help with figuring out your summer schedules or making an itinerary for a family trip? Let Be Merry help!  

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About Be Merry

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Life happens. Let's figure it out together.

Wondering how other people manage to "do it all"? Feeling overwhelmed but never seem to catch up? I'm here to support YOU and your family to better manage your day-to-day lives and get ahead of the curve.

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Services We Offer

Need a little more help? Setting up a support structure that works for you and your family - even in a pandemic
Everyone needs to eat! Find the right meal planning/food delivery service that meets your needs
Need help getting your life back? Plan for a date night/weekend getaway
School's closed! Manage Winter/Spring/Summer break/school closures - register for camps, finding backup care
Consulting Services - strategic planning for your family for the whole year! 

Los Altos Mom

As parents to 3 kids under 6, we had a tough time juggling all the logistics for our 3 children (pickups, drop-offs, evening routines). Merry helped me think through all the options and find the right solution for our family. We ultimately found a live-in au pair to help support our family's growth and changing needs.


What I loved about working with Merry is that she leads with empathy while also being able to cut to the chase on what the real problem is so that she can help solve it. In addition, Merry has great energy and has tons of resources and ideas on all things parenting. Thank you Merry for your help and advice!

Deb H.

Merry is the QUEEN of date nights. She convinced me that regular date nights are absolutely critical to the ongoing health of my marriage, especially as my job has increased in responsibility and pressure...and she was totally right. She has suggestions & recommendations to fit every budget and personal taste, and can actually make the plans or just make sure you do.


After she got me in the habit of regular date nights, I found that I couldn't live without them! My husband and I really needed some quiet time together to reconnect and deeply appreciate each other, and I wouldn't have made the time without Merry's guidance and structure.

Mountain View Mom

Merry is a gem and a great "mom coach". I appreciate her honesty and teaching me that it's okay to ask for help.

She keeps it real and is one of the few people I know who is willing to share the ins and outs, and downs and ups of raising kids and how it impacts mom. Merry listens, she cares, and she wants to help you be the best version of you that you can be.

Kelsey F.

Merry is incredibly detailed, thorough, and organized. We asked her to help us source food services in advance of welcoming a newborn. She came back with several options (after personally calling each of them) and even went so far as to try the service herself so she could make the best recommendation possible. We appreciate it, Merry!

Ashish A.

We, like many, were in a tough spot with work from home conditions this past year and the kids not fairing the best having be in virtual classroom 6 hours a day.  Merry found a great ‘pod’ teacher for us, and also organized weekly field trips (each and every week) that were ‘COVID’ safe.  Not an easy task when almost everything went through a closing in the Bay Area sometime over the last 12 months!  Merry has a warm heart that comes through with the care and effort that goes into her suggestions and planning!

Services We Offer

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